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The final mystery is oneself; who can calculate the orbit of his own soul?
— Oscar Wilde

Damian Cadman-Jones

My name

Damian Cadman-Jones

About me

I am an experienced Vinyāsa flow yoga teacher.  I have completed 5 months Ashtanga Vinyāsa yoga training in Mysore, South India (home of some of the most renowned yoga instructors in the world).  I am particularly interested in the self-healing aspects of yoga and meditation.

I am also an experienced Past Life Healing Therapist (certified by the Mumuksha Centre for Transformation, Mysore) and I offer one-to-one healing sessions (by appointment).

Style & level of classes I teach

The Ashtanga Vinyāsa flow yoga class is a led class suitable for those with some experience of yoga.  Though pitched at an intermediate level (with options for those who prefer more advanced āsana/postures), beginners who welcome a challenge should not be put off from giving it a go.

The classes are physically demanding, at times, and structured to work key muscle groups so as to help achieve certain postures and all classes include:

·         Chanting

·         Āsana

·         Guided meditation

·         Pranayama

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