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If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.
— Thomas Jefferson

Felicity Hargreaves

About me

Yoga to me represents freedom. Freedom of movement in my body, freedom of breath (I have asthma) and freedom of mind and spirit.

Yoga has been my means of returning to myself, of coming back and into me. To come back to self in the midst of our hectic world is a precious gift and if we can do this for any regular time during our busy lives it will be of great benefit.

For me yoga has brought about a greater self-knowledge than the other roads I have travelled. They all had their place and, indeed, have led me to the place I now find myself. For me, to bring myself to my mat, my breath, my practice brings a meditative quality and space to me which allows me to come to myself, to quietly acknowledge and appreciate all that I am now in this moment

As I see it our journey in life is to see your own truth, both good and bad, and view it and yourself with love. Through doing this you become able to offer love outwards in whatever way you choose. It is only through working at acceptance and love of self that we enable ourselves to serve.

Style and level of classes I teach

I teach Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa Flow. I teach beginners and level one classes sometimes working towards more challenging postures!

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