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“Yoga is a tool that helps all areas of life”
— David Swenson

Gabi Caruso Kandir

I am qualified to teach yoga and was trained in the Ashtanga yoga system by Manju Jois. He is the oldest son of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, recognised worldwide as the primary authority on Ashtanga yoga. I have also trained with Joey Miles, an authorized KPJAYI Ashtanga yoga teacher.

To further my understanding and commitment to health and wellbeing, I have also studied nutrition and hold an MSc in Applied Human Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University

The beneficial effects of yoga practice for body and mind are well studied and documented for younger people. However, little is known about its effects on people that start yoga later in life. Convinced that yoga can be a great tool for everyone, I am now studying the physical and psychological effects of Ashtanga Yoga in individuals over 60 years of age at the University of Birmingham.

Style & level of classes I teach

All my classes are Ashtanga yoga and are for people of any age and/or ability. No experience is required, all you need is your breath.

Ashtanga is a dynamic system that has the potential to create a vibrant healthy body and mind. In this method the physical postures of yoga are knitted together with careful attention to breathing, movement and the practitioner’s point of focus. Ashtanga asks tightness to bend and softness to be strong. It is a way to become stronger, more flexible, increase stamina as well as enhance lung capacity. However, there is much more to Ashtanga than bending, folding and twisting your body, it also brings calmness and steadiness of mind.

Although Ashtanga may not be “easy”, after all anyone who has done it knows that it can be challenging, that’s exactly what makes it so effective for increasing focus, deepening awareness, reducing physical injury and promoting a healthier body. However, the practice should be done at a level that is appropriate for each individual, making it is possible to focus on the breath and find the effortlessness in the effort. Ideally, everyone should leave practice feeling that they challenged their limitations, but felt good about it. Enjoying the practice, finding pleasure in it and being happy are key to sustaining a Yoga practice and achieving a positive disposition that makes life easier and smoother.

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