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The college you graduated from is not important. The life you have chosen to live after college is.
— Haemin Sunim

Michelle Wardle

Reiki, spiritual healing and crystal therapy

I began my journey into healing while attending the local Spiritualist church where I was introduced to many types of energy healing & therapies. I'm fascinated how our minds & bodies can be affected by the power of positive energy & intention, & I have been amazed to see the results, sometimes immediately. 

I began with Reiki & gained the experience to treat others. Then I had the chance to do a course in Spiritual healing, & joined others regularly in treating those who needed it. I then learned how to practice Crystal therapy & gained a diploma in 2013, & developed a real passion for it. It's used to clear away old, stuck energy & to create balance in the mind & body. Although many consider working with crystals to be a relatively new idea, it has infact been practised for thousands of years, all over the world.

I have a lovely cosy therapy room at my home in Rugby, but I also offer treatments on local Indulgence days, or at SunPower Yoga Centre when convenient.

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