Practice meditation and Yoga Nidra in and around Rugby

What is Meditation?

 Meditation is a process of detaching yourself from your mind and moving towards the state of no-mind. For simple understanding, it can be broken down in to the following three stages:

1st Stage: To quiet your mind by using either a mantra, your breath or any other object. 
2nd Stage: Once your mind is quiet, you move to the second stage of observing or watching your mind which includes thoughts, emotions and feelings. 
3rd Stage: After practicing the above two stages for some time, the 3rd stage will happen automatically when there is no-mind and you are in Meditation.

The Rugby Meditation Group was started in 2007 to introduce the science of meditation to the wider community. Within a short time, group began to grow and attracted people from all walks of life irrespective of their beliefs and backgrounds. To date, around 1000 people have meditated with the group since its inception. The meditation sessions are led by experienced volunteers. Different techniques are used.  These include: Mantra, Mindfulness, Self-enquiry, Yoga Nidra and Osho Dynamic Meditation, varying from one week to the next. All the techniques used are suitable for both beginners as well as experienced meditators.


8pm - 9pm Yoga Nidra WITH CARON LINDLEY, The Barn (next to The Tuning Fork Cafe) Dollman Farm, Houlton, Rugby CV23 0AB FIND OUT MORE


7.30pm - 8.30pm WITH THE RUGBY MEDITATION GROUP Quakers Meeting House, 28 Regent Place, Rugby, CV212PN FIND OUT MORE