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Fusion meditation

Details of this week’s simple yet most powerful self-transformative “Fusion Meditation” – which is a harmonious blend of AUM Mantra, Mindfulness Breathing and Silent Zen meditation.

Please reserve your place for this popular meditation by texting at 07875-880159 or email at, as we will be limited to 15 people.

Technique: “Fusion Meditation” – Suitable for all levels to quickly experience the peaceful state of being with a calm and peaceful mind. This session will be led by Praveen.

Venue: Kailash Yoga Hall, Rugby Spiritual Centre – Newbold Road.
Time: 07:15 PM sharp (please arrive by 07:10 PM). Finish by 08:15PM for silent departure.
Cost: Priceless but donation (2 pounds) is much appreciated to keep YOUR group running.
Parking: Across the road near Benn Hall (free parking after 07:00 PM)

Depending upon the practice, some benefits of this technique are:
The initial benefits will be a calming effect in the body and mind; the heart will regulate itself and the breathing will naturally slow down. You will achieve the first stage of meditation by drawing your attention away from external noise, and things, bringing your awareness within; you will feel a pleasant harmonic vibration within the body, especially in the heart, chest and forehead. This increases when practising it in a group with others.
With practise,your concentration and brain functioning will improve and you will feel an indescribable sense of peace and well being. Hari OM!!

Later Event: July 18
AUM meditation